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    The recent earthquake in Nepal has had a devastating effect on rural communities. As well as the devastating loss of life, many buildings have been flattened, food sources have been wiped out and roads have become impassable. International aid has been largely centered in Kathmandu and has yet to reach many of these communities.

    CU HELP supports roughly 40 volunteers going out to the rural Helambu region of Nepal each summer and all of us know people who so generously hosted us in summer, who are now caught up in this disaster. We have set up a fundraising campaign in partnership with The MondoChallenge Foundation to help support these communities.

    Please think about donating to our appeal at:

    And visit: to see and hear more about the current situation.

    Thank you very much for your help!
    All of us at CU HELP

    May Ball & Garden Party Dress Swap

    Cambridge dress wearers - this Saturday, the Hub is hosting a charity May Ball & Garden Party dress swap. If you need a new or second outfit for May Week, but can't afford to splash the cash, this is perfect for you! Entry is 3.50 plus at least one dress. You can lend your dress out for just one May Week night, or for several - it is up to you.

    EITHER Bring your dress or dresses to the Hub Office at 10 Pembroke Street on Thursday at 12PM, along with your entry fee and contact details, OR bring at the START of the event on Saturday, at 2PM. You must then be able to pick up your dress at 5PM when the event finishes, unless you arrange otherwise.

    There will also be body glitter and doughnuts to help you beat that revision stress!

    Click attending, and share the event - the more people attend, the greater variety there will be from which to choose!

    Contact Abby Simkin at for more information.

    Summer Volunteering Positions in China

    IVSC needs 100 teachers for summer camp projects at some exciting locations around China for the coming summer vacation, there are a range of different summer camp options all with bed and board included as well as TEFL certification. Some schools also offer Chinese lessons, there is no fee for participation and participants usually are able to request travel grants from their colleges.

    If you would be able to paste the blurb at the bottom of this email into your weekly message I would be delighted! The programmes get very good reviews each year and students really enjoy them, if you have any more questions please get in touch.

    **Apply now to be on the CU FoMSF Committee 2015/16**

    We are a student group that supports the work of Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders). Throughout the year, we organise speaker and fundraiser events to raise awareness of the work done by MSF across the world. We would love to hear any ideas you have about making this society bigger and better!

    Positions available: Vice president, Fundraising Officer, Publicity Officer, Speaker Co-ordinator, Treasurer, Webmaster.

    To apply: fill out an application form (see below) for the...

    Oxford Summer College is recruiting for July and August 2015!

    Oxford Summer College is a not-for-profit education company that runs summer schools in Pembroke College, Oxford. Our summer programmes are for students aged 16-18 from all over the world looking to apply to top UK universities. We are running two, two week programmes (between 4th July-1st August) for international students and a series of shorter, more intensive programmes primarily aimed at British students (50% being scholarship students ) from the 10th-22nd August.

    We are looking for undergraduates and postgraduates from Oxford and Cambridge to lead students in small group classes (in both subject specific lessons as well as study skills workshops), complete general pastoral tasks and accompany students on excursions and activities around Oxford. The role will be varied and is a great opportunity to work with bright students from the UK and around the world.

    We will require applicants who are available for the entire session however, there will also be some part time work and shorter sessions available.

    We can provide some accommodation and all meals will be included. Pay will be up to 500 per week.

    If you would like to find out more, please email us at or apply by clicking on the link below.