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  • What's On:

    Analyst Programme at Eden McCallum

    Eden McCallum is a management consulting firm with offices in London and Amsterdam. Founded in 2000, we help clients tackle their most pressing business problems, including strategy, performance improvement, change management and hands-on implementation. Clients include public and private companies, private equity firms and their portfolio companies, governments and non-governmental organisations. We have delivered over 1000 projects for over 300 clients internationally, including 40 of the Global Fortune 500, one-third of the world?s largest private equity houses, and one-third of the UK?s FTSE 100 companies.

    The uniqueness of the model and its success have been recognised in cases and articles by Harvard Business School and London Business School academics, articles in the Financial Times and The Economist, and growth awards in the Sunday Times Fast Track.

    We are now recruiting for our analyst programme.

    How to Apply:
    If you are interested please send your CV and a cover letter to Beth Bixby at The cover letter should be no longer than 1 page and should outline the 3 key reasons why you are interested in and attracted to Eden McCallum?s Analyst Programme. You can find more information about Eden McCallum, the types of work we do and the profiles of some of our analysts on our website:
    Application deadline ? 11 January 2015

    Cambridge Young Greens' Talk

    The Cambridge Young Greens are hosting their first talk this term on this Thursday, 23rd October, from 4.30-6.30 pm at Little Hall, Cambridge University Sidgwick site (A map to the venue can be found here:

    Baroness Jenny Jones is the Green Party's representative in the House of Lords. In her talk she will cover topics like the Lords reform, her experiences as a woman and the only Green in the HoL as well as how we should respond politically to the recent challenges to our civil liberties. There will be plenty of room for questions and discussion and the event is open to all. Find more information at

    Emmanuel College Music Society Update

    Emmanuel College Music Society has another packed term of concerts and recitals ahead and I really hope there is something for everyone here. We have exciting events including our Sunday recitals, an Orchestra concert and our fabulous end-of-term concert that will hopefully spread some Bridgemas cheer. More information is available at

    On the 9th November we have the Freshers? Concert - an opportunity for freshers to show off their musical talent. If you?re interested in performing in this please contact either Adam Mathias (ajm301) or Chris Gemmell (ceg59) to let us know!

    Our ensembles are starting rehearsals again tonight. Absolutely everyone with any inclination to sing should come to Chapel at 7.15pm for the first Emma Chorus rehearsal of term!! Everyone from staff, porters and students are very welcome to come and have an hour of musical fun..!

    First Peterhouse Politics Society Talk of Term

    This Thursday, 23rd October, is exciting for many reasons - not least because it is the Oban North and Lorn by-election - but chiefly because it marks the first event of this year's Peterhouse Politics Society calendar.

    The title is "What future for the EU and the UK?", and we have an impressive double billing of Andrew Duff, prominent former MEP, and Olivier Evans, an old Petraean who worked with the Foreign Office on and in Europe.

    The talk will begin after 20.30 in the Parlour on G staircase. As ever there will be free wine and refreshments.

    For the full termcard see our website here

    Charity Apprentice Volunteering Opportunity

    Make Changing the World Your Day Job.

    Do you want a worthwhile career in charity? Not sure how to set yourself apart from other candidates wanting the same? Become a Charity Apprentice.

    Go off the beaten career path and explore a career in charity. Charity Apprentice will give you the skills, knowledge and experience you need to prove you can hit the ground running in a fast-paced creative charity workplace.

    How does international development work? Is foreign aid working? What do professional fundraisers do? Why do charities use chuggers? If you?re curious about these questions, take on Charity Apprentice and find out the answers.

    Charity Apprentice is about getting out in the field, learning as you go. All year you?ll be learning the job by living it, and you?ll get the once-in-a-lifetime chance to travel to Africa and meet the children you?ve been working to help. Because we know you can?t find out what it feels like to have a global impact on people?s lives just sitting at home on your laptop.

    Make your spare time mean something. If making someone?s life better puts a smile on your face as well as theirs, Charity Apprentice is for you. Because for a Charity Apprentice, satisfaction in a job well done doesn?t just mean an impressive graph or more cash for rich shareholders. It means at the close of each day, every day, you know that the world is a better place because you?re in it.

    Our apprentices graduate with:

    The skills you need
    A whole new perspective
    A network of contacts
    The 'experience' everyone asks for

    Charity Apprentice will take maybe 20 hours of your spare time a month. At the end of each month you?ll have found new ways to inspire and entertain your friends, and fed children in Kenya. If you spent that amount of time on Netflix, you?d still only be halfway through watching Breaking Bad. Just saying.

    Charity Apprentice: Because if you want to live a life that makes you leap out of bed in the morning, you need to get out there and make that happen.