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Welcome to the Emma Access blog! Here, you'll get a glimpse of what students at Emma are really like, and how they spend their days. If you have any questions or comments about Cambridge life, or want to find out more about our bloggers, please don't hesitate to email Amy at!

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Maddy Clifford

Find out more about Maddy, a Geographer from London.

Jess Lister

Find out more about Jess, a Historian from East Yorkshire.

Katie Craven

Find out more about Katie, a PBS Student and former President of ECSU from Yorkshire.

Matt Bradley

Find out more about Matt, a NatSci from Derbyshire.

Laura Schubert

Find out more about Laura, a HSPS student from Germany/ SW England.

Patrick Warren

Find out more about Patrick, a medic from Lancashire.

Lefteris Paparounas

Find out more about Lefteris, a linguistics student from Greece.

Luke Smith

Find out more about Luke, a medic from Sheffield.