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See the lives of ordinary students at Emmanuel College, Cambridge

Welcome to the Emma Access blog! On this page, you can get a glimpse of what student life at Emma is really like, and what goes on in a typical day for some students here. If you'd like to ask any questions about Emmanuel, or Cambridge in general, you can email the ECSU Access Officer at!

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Maddy Clifford

Find out more about Maddy, a Geographer from London.

Jess Lister

Find out more about Jess, a Historian from East Yorkshire.

Katie Craven

Find out more about Katie, a PBS Student and former President of ECSU from Yorkshire.

Matt Bradley

Find out more about Matt, a NatSci from Derbyshire.

Laura Schubert

Find out more about Laura, a HSPS student from Germany/ SW England.

Patrick Warren

Find out more about Patrick, a medic from Lancashire.

Lefteris Paparounas

Find out more about Lefteris, a linguistics student from Greece.

Luke Smith

Find out more about Luke, a medic from Sheffield.