Boat Club

Rowing is the most participated in sport in Cambridge, involving people of all abilities. Top crews train most days, down to crews that only once a week; nevertheless everyone gets to test their mettle against the other colleges and prove who is best!

But I've never rowed before! - The vast majority of new arrivals at Emma have never rowed before. The first term is spent as a novice rower, learning to row and racing against novices from other colleges. You could even become the next Freddie Davidson and stroke the blue boat!

I'm not much of an athlete - You don't have to be, our training structure will accommodate all levels of fitness you just need a determination to improve. If physical exertion isn't really for you then you may consider coxing-the person who is in charge of steering, motivating and tactics for a crew.

What is there to aim for? - Emmanuel crews compete at races and regattas all across the country as well as on the Cam. The first boat has entered races on the Thames, Dorney Lake, Bedford and Henley in the past year to name a few. The main aim of each term is the historic bumps races. The bumps is a unique high speed chasing format of races involving trying to catch the crew in front before the crew behind catches you!

Do you just train all the time? - Far from it. A structure of crews allows for differing levels of commitment. Outside of rowing crews go for formal dinners with other colleges- a great way to meet new people outside of Emma. There is also a much anticipated Boat Club Dinner at the end of each term to celebrate the achievements of every boat in the term gone and toast future success.

What are the facilities like? - The Club owns its own very spacious boathouse with excellent equipment, one of the best on the river. There are weights machines, free weights and 9 rowing machines. The club owns an extensive fleet with a wide range of boats for training and racing in which are all available to use for members during their time at university as well as access to excellent coaching from old and current members.

How to get involved - At the start of Michaelmas term, 'tubbing' sessions, are organised; these are an opportunity to try out rowing, and everyone is welcome. If you don't manage to try it out during Michaelmas term - don't worry! There are usually opportunities to join a boat during Lent term.

More information

For more information visit the EBC website for more information about the Boat Club.

If you have any questions do get in touch with one of our captains:

  • Overall Captain and Women's Captain: Catherine Gorrie
  • Men's Captain: Tom Eveson

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