Frankie Tamblyn & Dave Thorp

Buildings & Services Officers


Hi everyone, we are Dave and Frankie (Frankie and Dave) and we are the ECSU Buildings and Services officers for 2017. Dave is a second year Natural Scientist who in his spare time is also the Emmanuel College Football captain for 2016/17, whilst also frequents the tennis and netball court. Frankie is a second year studying Latin and Spanish and is one of the college’s netball captains as well as spending time on the lacrosse field and tennis court. As B&S officers we are responsible for connecting you the students with the Bursar and Master on issues such as hall and food, the college gym, accommodation and all other facilities. Some of the things we are going to look at this year include expansion of the salad bar and hall utensils, a clearer pricing system, photos on the room database, introducing Themed Formals (or SuperHalls). We would also like to look at expanding the equipment in the gym, improving the summertime facilities on the paddock, improving bike shelters and utilising the Old JCR more for social occasions. These are not our only plans but don’t worry we will endeavour to keep you up to date with what we are achieving in our various meetings.

If you have any requests, complaints, suggestions, jokes, money, food or 2.1s please do get in touch DFx

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