Niamh Ryle

Disabilities Officer

I’m Niamh, a second year English student and your current Disabilities Officer! As this is a new role, I’m keen to hear what the students of Emma would like in terms of college disability support. My priority is to be as responsive as possible to individual demands and needs; and so the agenda for the year ahead includes, but is not limited to:

  • Clearly advertising what is available to students in terms of disability support, even for those who would not self-identify as disabled e.g. special exam requirements
  • Creating an online system in which students can submit questions pertaining to disability/struggles surrounding disability
  • Improving accessibility around college for wheelchair users and those with mobility issues

Outside of ECSU I manage the bar, putting me in direct contact with the Bursar – and I’m hopeful that this means we can negotiate some kind of wheelchair ramp/stair lift to make it a more inclusive space. If there are other areas of college that you would personally benefit from being made more accessible, or just have a query, my CRSID is nr414.

Niamh x

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