Josh Wharton

Careers & Education Officer

Hi All! I am Josh (he/him), a second year Politics and International Relations student, and I am very excited to be your Career and Education officer for this year! Beside academia, I have been working with numerous think tanks, assisted running an MPs office, and completed a summer internship with a Big Four accounting firm. I also enjoy playing basketball in the college league and learn about innovative policy solutions.

My main task is to ensure that you receive as much support in your academic and professional life as you possibly can. On the education side, making the transition from high school to Cambridge, and later, to exam term smooth and stress-free. On the career side, I firmly believe finding the right career should not be based on a single organisation selecting us, but it has a great importance that each of us finds the most fitting job. It is now our responsibility to get to know those organisations which are the best for us. I am committed to help you finding your opportunities. I also make sure that our library functions well and provides a comforting (and comfortable) space for studying on the way.

Throughout the year, look out for our main career events in Lent and Michaelmas organised together with our alumni organisation, the Emmanuel Society, as well as for CV and LinkedIn polishing sessions and thematic, sector-specific workshops. I also hope that you will find the online interview partner searcher and the subject-focused exam guides helpful.

To keep in touch, please message me on my Hermes with any questions or suggestions you might have! I wish to make efficient dialogues with college through listening to your needs and creating innovative solutions. To learn about new events and resources, like our Facebook ‘ECSU Career and Education’ page!

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