Jamie Scott

Education Officer

Hi I’m Jamie, a 2nd year PBS student, and I’m very excited to be your Education and Careers officer for this year!

The education portion of my job comprises managing the subject family system including organising the subject family dinner, and acting as a mediator between the student body and the library. On the careers side I’m responsible for building a relationship with the Emmanuel Society of alumni, organising careers and networking events with the Development Office and the Emmanuel Society, and distributing all relevant careers information to you.

In addition to this I aim to expand the role on both fronts including introducing a larger variety of careers provision, a practice interview system, a student drive for note sharing, further communal study spaces, and expanding education welfare through study support in Freshers’ Week and Easter Term. This is quite a new and open role, so any suggestions are very welcome for consideration.

Outside of ECSU I enjoy playing in jazz bands, learning languages and attending various societies. Please feel free to email (jhs74) or message me with any questions or comments, like our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ECSU-Careers-and-Education-329730770552903/?fref=ts where most of the information will be posted, and watch out for emails and resources in the pidge room...

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