Information Regarding Emmanuel College Environment Credentials

Emma is increasingly known for being a green-minded college. It has various environmental initiatives and systems within place - this page is intended to help you know what they are! For any questions or suggestions, please contact the green officer at


  • Every student should have two bins in their room - the green one is for general rubbish and the silver one for mixed recycling. The following can all go in your recycling bin (they will then be sorted): paper; plastic; cartons; cardboard; glass; tins; clean foil
  • For more info, see Cambridge City Council's guide here (blue bin guide).
  • Whether you have a recycling bin in your kitchen or not depends on the size of the kitchen. If not, please use the recycling bins in your rooms!
  • Your bedders should empty these bins separately and can usually help you if you have questions about the recycling, as can the green officer.


  • Pumps, WD40, bike oil, a puncture repair kit and tyre levers can be borrowed from the plodge for bike repairs.
  • There are covered bike storage sheds in Chapman\u2019s Garden, and otherwise bike racks throughout college to lock your bike securely.
  • The CUSU shop offers the cheapest legal bike lights and advise on cycle safety in Cambridge, in particular here. It also tells you which bike shops have student deals and discounts.
  • You should register your bike with college (ask the porters) when arriving, and note down the reference code stamped into the frame in case it is stolen.


If you would like a green dot on your pidge to indicate that you don't want to receive leaflets/spam, please email the green officer at


  • If you notice any faults, such as leaking taps or radiators that can't be turned off, write these in the maintenance book. This can be accessed online: login to the Emmanuel website as if you are registering for formal hall and click on the spanner icon.
  • Although rooms like Old South Court are controlled by central thermostat, many rooms have individual dials, so it is easy to turn these down before opening a window!