Information concerning the LGBT+ Community

Emmanuel has a lively LGBT+ community, with regular events organised within college, such as formal halls and drink evenings. There is also a variety of events organised by the university, and within the town, so there is plenty to keep you occupied.

Emma has an LGBT+ rep, whose job it is to keep students informed about LGBT+ activities, and to provide a source of support. The current LGBT+ rep is Eddie Angel. At the start of each year the rep usually organises an informal welcome evening to introduce LGBT+ students to one another, and to offer more information about the gay scene in Cambridge. To be kept up-to-date on events within college, please email the college rep ( to join their mailing list.

If you are questioning your sexuality, or concerned about issues such as coming out or sexual health, then you can contact the LGBT+ Officer (or indeed, the Welfare Officers) for confidential help or advice. Condoms and dental dams are available from the ECSU Shop.


CUSU LGBT+ run a LGBT+ Parenting Scheme for Freshers. It's a fantastic way to make new friends and meet people who can answer any questions you might have about LGBT+ (and indeed non-LGBT+) things in Cambridge. Visit to find out more and sign up. Over the course of the year CUSU LGBT+ also organises a variety activities such as informal tea and coffee sessions, cocktails and talks on topics relevant to the LGBT+ comunity.



Kaleidoscope, which runs every Monday night at Kuda - conveniently located on Sidney Street, less than a 5 minute walk from college - is the centre of LGBT+ nightlife in Cambridge.