Katie Nelson

LGBT+ Officer

Hello, I’m Katie and I’m the LGBT+ officer at Emmanuel this year. My pronouns are she/her.

It is my role to cater for all LGBT+ students at Emmanuel, whether you identify as LGBT+, are ambigious, or are in any way departing from the the cis-hetero norm. Throughout the year I will base most of my endeavours around increasing LGBT+ visibility in college as much as possible, through symbolic acts such as having the pride flag fly somewhere poignant in college. I will also aim to be as inclusive as possible, not just catering to cis-gender LGBT+ members, whether this be through campaigning to have the trans flag fly on trans memorial day, or having a chapel service in memorial for trans people who have passed away – if college permit it. I will continue LGBTea and cake meets and try to advertise as much as possible other events going on in the university which I think Emmanuel members will be interested in. I will also continue the efforts of trying to introduce gender neutral toilets in some places in college.

If you ever need to contact me for whatever reason at all, with any questions or problems, please email me or facebook message me.

Also, please notify me of any changes you would like to see in college if you come across any, in case I haven’t noticed them myself.



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