Connor MacDonald

President of ECSU

Hi! I’m so lucky to be ECSU President for 2016-2017. As President, I represent all Emmanuel undergraduates to the College, and lead an exceptional ECSU Executive Committee. ECSU is responsible for welfare provision, careers events, entertainments, and student advocacy – we basically help make College life happen.

As President some of my concerns include a Sports Day with Exeter College, Oxford in Michaelmas, appointing a Charities Officer at the end of Lent, and making sure the Old JCR is better used. I also send out weekly emails on behalf of ECSU to keep you updated on our work. I’m really proud to say as well that we have been successful in project the Pride Flag in Chapel, and hope to continue that next Pride Month.

In my spare time, I enjoy the Opera and BBC Question Time and sometimes choose to study for a degree in Politics.

If you have any questions, you can contact me at

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