Society Funding

Information Regarding Society Funding

Treasurer Access

Society funding is currently locked. Please return to this page when funding submissions go live.

Who can apply for funding?

ECSU accepts funding applications from all clubs and societies which are run primarily or exclusively for current Emmanuel undergraduates. Both new and existing clubs may apply for funding.

When do I apply for funding?

Applications open at the beginning of each term for approximately one week. The majority of funds are allocated in Michaelmas, and clubs are encouraged to apply for funding in this term if possible.

How do I apply?

To apply for funding you need to fill in the online application form. Contact the Ecsu->site_url('about/exec/treasurer'); ?>if you have any problems.

What information do I need?

You need to be able to provide at least two contacts for your club, your club's bank account details and details of any expected costs. If you have any particularly high costs, you may be asked for receipts. Please see the application form for more information.

What does ECSU do with my application?

Once all applications have been received, then the Assistant Treasurer, Treasurer, Vice-President and President of ECSU meet to allocate funds. This usually happens within a week of applications closing. Once funding levels have been decided, the Treasurer will then contact all those who applied for funding, informing them how much funding they have received.

How do ECSU decide how much to allocate to clubs and societies?

We try to prioritise funding things which are essential to the running of clubs and societies (e.g. pitch hire, referees' fees). We try to fund kit as much as possible, and we prioritise essential safety equipment. We are often unable to while also trying to contribute towards team kit which can be reused in future years. For those clubs with high running costs, we try to allocate as much money as possible towards pitch hire and other key costs. However, we often don't have enough money to fully cover these fees. We therefore ask clubs with a high cost per head to charge small membership fees for extra training sessions, while ECSU will try to fund enough for matches and beginner/ general sessions.

How will I be paid?

If you provide details of a club bank account, then payment will usually be made directly into the account. Otherwise, payment will be by cheque. All clubs applying for funding should have their own bank account- no payments will be made directly to those applying for funding.

What should I do if my club suddenly needs more money?

If the amounts allocated simply aren't enough for your club to function, your club incurs unexpected costs or runs out of money, then please contact the Treasurer. Captains should not need to provide any funding to their clubs, even on a temporary basis. Though ECSU does not guarantee to provide emergency funding, the clubs and societies budget can also be used for this purpose.