Tom George

Vice President

Hi everyone, I’m Tom and I’m very excited to be working with the committee this year as Vice President.

It is mine and Connor’s goal to run a productive and successful ECSU committee, one in which your voice is well and truly heard. Last year I was a freshers’ reps and, as such, will be responsible for overseeing another fantastic freshers’ week in Michaelmas 2017 so bring it on! Alongside this, I will be organising Halfway Hall for the second years and the yearly Emma-Exeter Sports Day for the entire college to get involved in. As the college’s externals officer I will be the main link between CUSU and college and will be attending council meeting to vote on the college’s behalf.

I recognise what a welcoming and exciting atmosphere Emmanuel is to be in. As Vice President I will strive to keep up this reputation and make Emma as inclusive as possible.

Alongside ECSU I’m a keen second year Natural Scientist who loves getting involved in college events! Please contact me, my email address is above, if you have any complaints, queries or ideas – I’d be grateful to hear them all.

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