Nathan Hawkes

Nathan Hawkes


Hi I’m Nathan and I’m either the “Webmaster” or the “Communications and Publicity Officer” depending on who you ask. My main job is running this website but I also guilt people into taking photos of their room and uploading them to the room database to help next year’s balloters. With the communication part of the role I admin:

and the anonymous feedback form:

so if you’re ever unsure of which ECSU officer to email about something absolutely use this (we know there’s a lot of us 😃).

You can also use the email address below to get in contact with me so feel free to use that for anything from ‘My room database upload went wrong’ to ‘Do you realise your website is broken at the moment?’. I don’t, however, take requests to ‘delete comments so people don’t take the good rooms’ (but I do hope the audacious individual got the room they wanted ❤️).

Email me at:
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