Emily Claytor

Emily Claytor

Women's Officer

Hello! I’m Emily (she/her), an English student from Sheffield, and current ECSU Women’s Officer! My role is to act as a representative for all women and marginalised genders (including trans and non-binary students), and as a point of contact to act on any gendered issues you might have in college. The main difference between the Women’s Welfare Officer and I - although we definitely overlap - is that my role is a much more political one, serving to tackle the structural inequalities and issues in college, for example making sure the college procedure in cases of sexual assualt is clear and effective or working on the provision of sanitary products. I am also responsible for providing free pregnancy tests which can be requested online (see the welfare section of this website).

I have been passionate about women’s activism for a long time, and one of my goals has been to strengthen links between uni-wide actvism and work on a college level. Most weeks I attend the CUSU Women’s Campaign Forum (open to all women and nb students), and normally set off from plodge at about 6:50pm, where anyone is welcome to join me! To stay up to date with this and other exciting feminist events, make sure to join the Emma Fem Soc Facebook group.

As well as being interested in activism I have dabbled in costume design, been involved with Watersprite Student Film Festival, and have written for The Tab. I also have a passion for herbal tea and jazzy knitwear!

Email me at: womens@ecsu.org.uk
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