Old Court

Old Court - F6a

Grade: 8 Living Room: Shared Basin: Yes Network: Wireless Only CUDN Access: Yes Floor: Second

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2014Bedrooms are well sized, and lack the slopes that blight a few other sets. Furniture in bedroom is decent - though wardrobe is a bit small/old. In main set the big oak(?) table is a highlight, the slightly dirty sofa not so good. Plenty of chairs otherwise, and nice fireplace. A bit annoying having to go through two doors to get into the set. Kitchen small but fine, same as any other in OC. Good views from all windows, no massive trees in the way like some others.
2011Really nice old court set in terms of bedrooms- quite big and nice furniture (although only one plug socket a bedroom). Living room is nice as well- and we have a really nice old, big table (rare in old court). Kitchen is fine, pretty small but no other problems. No light in the porch-y bit is a bit awkward sometimes.