Old Court

Old Court - G5b

Grade: 8 Living Room: Shared Basin: Yes Network: Wireless Only CUDN Access: Yes Floor: Second

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2014The best old court room in my opinion. Not very slopey, will be right by the showers and toilets when they're installed next year (however there might be extra noise from that, you might want to check that). Very central in college and perfect for having friends round. Very little noise apart from when people are coming out the bar. Very large bedrooms and no flakey paint. Bring plenty of posters and lamps and lots of extension cords as no old court rooms have enough plug sockets.
2010Lovely room, has the biggest bedrooms by far out of the Old Court sets, although the living room isn't quite as big by comparison (still massive though compared to anything else in college). The room looks like it's been redecorated recently, so the walls are actually nice without big flakes of paint missing. Lots of sunshine through the day, although it can be a bit noisy from Spoons on Fri and Sat. Ceilings are a bit thin too... but overall a really nice set, and the trek to the loos isn't that bad once you get used to it!