Old Court

Old Court - G6b

Grade: 8 Living Room: Shared Basin: Yes Network: Wireless Only CUDN Access: Yes Floor: Second

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2011Up-sides: Really nice living space, better bedroom of the two (i.e. not slopey), good amount supplied furniture and storage space (even if it is a bit old and rickety). Heating is very good - it was always hot last term, even during the snow. "Kitchen" has a big fridge and a sink. Also, has the advantages of being in the middle of college and being very sociable.

Down-sides: Main light is poor (so bring extra lighting), kitchen is small, no toilet means unless you are willing to use the sink it's an effort to trek to South Court/the library. Same goes for showering. Can occasionally hear the music/chatter from Spoons.It is an awesome place to live, the up-sides more than make up for the down