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Grade: 6 Living Room: Yes Basin: Yes Network: Wired and Wireless CUDN Access: Yes Floor: Second

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2014Has been a great room so far!

It's the room facing to the back of college - and though this is a massive setback for some people, the view around the back of Emma is actually quite nice. It almost feels like you're not actually in Cambridge! In the summer it'll be a great view!

Like past comments, the following things might be annoying or inconvenient:

The radiator is only in one room, so it can get quite cold in the bedroom.

Because the room is north-facing, there isn't so much light (which might be a good thing for some people!) But it does mean that you won't get blinded from floods of sun!

The staircase toilet is on the ground floor, and the showers are in the basement.

The kitchen is so-so. There is a working hob. But if you're planning to cook a dinner for twelve, it ain't happening...

Good points:

It's still a nice room. You will need some extra furniture (like your own pieces from home, lamps, etc.) to fill up the space.

The wireless router is in the room! (So great WiFi!)

The kitchen is on the same floor. There is a combi-oven on the floor below. You'll get the view of the Paddock from the kitchen, and the view of the houses on the back.

Being on the top means that you do have a bit more privacy.

Laundry...(need I say more?)

I highly recommend this room!
2012Agree with all of the positive points- it's a really nice room. The kitchen is nice and it's very convenient that the laundry service is in the basement. Slightly annoying that the toilet and showers are a few flights of stairs away but you quickly get used to it. However, the heating in this room (as with all rooms at the top of H) is not so great. There's only one radiator in the corner of the lounge so the bedroom doesn't get any heat. Also the wireless internet signal is not very good. Despite this I would definitely recommend this room!
2010Agree with all the statements made in the previous comment. Really loved this room - LOTS of space & storage, perfect for having friends over, great homely feel, lovely view of the paddock from the well stocked kitchen. The room also has a great wireless signal which is always a bonus!

Negative points are: only one toilet in the staircase on the ground floor (but plenty more can be found in the basement, along with showers and bathtubs). Bedroom can also get a bit chilly in winter since the radiator is in the living room.

Other than that, it's a really great room which I would highly recommend!
2008Really great room, facing away from college (not over paddock). Just like most of the other hostel rooms, really big with seperate bedroom and sink. Not too noisy with buses going past as there is good double glazing. Showers in the hostel are smelly but amazingly powerful (if down four flights of stairs...) Only negative thing is this room never gets any sun straight through the window. Cooking facilities are great, hob between four on my floor, combi-oven to share between staircase, etc..