1a | Hostel

Grade: 3 Living Room: No Basin: Yes Network: Wired and Wireless CUDN Access: Yes Floor: Ground

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Room H1a might not have a basin but it really is very close to the ground floor toilet and kitchen - if you could call the palatial room furnished with a lonely double hob a kitchen. For those who have particular urges to urinate/vomit in sinks after a night on the lash there is the enviable choice between those offered in the kitchen or the toilet. The place is generally very warm as the radiator provides a strong current from six a.m. until closing time. At night it can become a little cool due to the single-glazed windows, so shut the curtains to preserve that warmth. Sometimes the door wobbles slightly when people swing the staircase door. This creates an irritating anonymous knocking, but ensuring that the outer door to the lounge as Senem and I liked to refer to it is closed solves this minor nuisance. A southern exposure fills the room with a sense of light and spaciousness, though late-afternoon sun, particularly in the winter, can distract and dazzle a reader at the desk. The view from the large, wooden, paned windows is over a small car park and the paddock towards Old Court. An observant occupant can use this fantastic vantage point to chose to be in, or out, when visitors arrive. The single bed is tucked into a tidy alcove in the room - this helps create a immediate sense of space when a guest enters the room, but may prove uncomfortable for the very tall, or very active, sleeper. The main light in the room is a terrible low-wattage bulb giving disgusting, pallid, yellow light. In the evenings it is suggested that a number of lamps be used as an alternative. In addition to the movement of the door in the breeze the precious silence of the room is occasionally disturbed by singing on the paddock, presumably by the sounds of tennis during exam term, as well as any trampolining in adjacent and superjacent rooms. There are plenty of sockets but perhaps one coffee table too many. The built-in wardrobe might prove limiting for a devout fashionista. The painted Welsh dresser provides a fine conversational feature. Offers are invited in the region of grade three.