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Grade: 6 Living Room: Yes Basin: Yes Network: Wired and Wireless CUDN Access: Yes Floor: Ground

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2014The room (as with most rooms in hostel) is split into two - a large living space and a smaller bedroom space. The rooms on this side of the building obviously receive less natural light than those facing the paddock, but I haven't found it too dark at all, even through the winter months.

This whole side of the building was double glazed last Summer (2012) so the noise from the street isn't a problem at all - you can barely hear it. There's plenty of storage space (wardrobe, chest of drawers, wall unit with shelves and cupboards).

The room has a sink and is handy in being right next to the loo on the ground floor of the staircase, so you don't have to pop down into the basement - good for laziness. H staircase has 3 kitchens - the top and bottom floor ones have hobs, and the middle floor kitchen has a combi oven.
2011I love the room, really great size and colour scheme (yes, I do mean that). I was really peasantly surprised by it when I first turned up. Some downsides are the standard noise related ones - it's by the road and a drainage pipe in just by where you sleep. The music rooms are also beneath but to be honest I like hearing the music and wold suggest if you don't like music let someone who can appreciate it take the room.