J11 | Hostel

Grade: 6 Living Room: Yes Basin: Yes Network: Wired and Wireless CUDN Access: Yes Floor: First

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2014This room has loads of space. Has useful hanging space on the wall for coats. The wardrobe doesn't have much space for long dresses though, but is great for storing jumpers etc. on the top shelf.

It is warm and pretty quiet thanks to double-glazing. Wired and wireless connections are fine. Extension lead does cross the room though if you don't want your desk by the window. Kitchen on the same floor, loos on the floor above, showers and baths in the basement. The kitchen has quite a bit of space to store things and has two hobs and a microwave. The two toilets on the floor above are fine too.

It does look out onto the road, but this isn't a problem. It is cheaper than the ones looking out onto the pond, yet that's the only difference between them.

Walls are quite thin, as is the ceiling, so be aware who your neighbours are.

The ceiling has quite a few cracks in but beyond the aesthetic, not really an issue at all.