J18 | Hostel

Grade: 6 Living Room: Yes Basin: Yes Network: Wired and Wireless CUDN Access: Yes Floor: Third

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2014It was quite cold at the end of Michaelmas but not so much in lent.

(I think the radiator needs regularly bleeding)

Also lots and lots of lady birds! (2-3 per day find their way in and need letting out!)

View of the paddock is still good, and not many people use the gyp room, compared with the other gyp rooms, because it is on the top floor.

There is no kettle or toaster resident in the gyp room - students have to provide their own (& share their own) in this gyp room!

Unlike J16 this room has two layers of windows (the closest to double glazing which seems to exist in College!) although the outside window is very drafty and rattly when it's windy!

Not too much shelving space but enough.

And a wonderful bedder!!
2012Lovely view of the paddock.

Seperation between bedroom and living room.

Sloping ceilings make this room smaller than the ones on the floor below. Windows are smaller too.

4 flights of stairs to the showers!

Can get cold, but I think this might be sorted by next year.

Gyp room with hobs on the same floor. Toilet on floor below.

No noise from water pipes, fridge, buses :)