J19 | Hostel

Grade: 5 Living Room: Yes Basin: Yes Network: Wired and Wireless CUDN Access: Yes Floor: Third

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2015Lovely room with a nice view. The heating up on this floor has been a constant nightmare and as such, I've had about 6 weeks of no heating in two terms which isn't great but there's an electric heater in the bedroom which keeps you warm at night at least.

Lots of storage space and the walk down to the (new) showers isn't that bad, you get used to it. Same price as the floors below but less space- only real criticism other than the heating
2015also worth mentioning that the sink in the bedroom constantly runs and it's a bit like water torture so if you move in, talk to the Bursar about fixing that.
2009Cosy room with a lovely view of rooftops. Very good sound insulation as long as doors to rooms are kept closed. Radiator is terrible, needs bleeding about once a fortnight in the winter. Far too many stairs to get up to it, but lots of storage space and a seperate bedroom. Good value for money!