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Grade: 2 Living Room: No Basin: No Network: Wired and Wireless CUDN Access: Yes Floor: Ground

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2016The most important thing to note about the ground floor of J is that it is very much a working corridor; the Housekeeper has her office in J2, the laundry is downstairs and so is the main housekeeping office. This has some clear benefits, such as being first in line for the laundry (if you wake up early), but it can also make the room a bit noisy - it's directly above the washing machines (though you filter this out quickly) and the housekeeping staff arrive earlier in the morning than the average (non-boatie) student wakes up.

On the subject of noise, the walls with 1a and the corridor are thin enough to hear conversations (as well as coughing etc) clearly, but the wall with 3 is thick. This can mean that the room sometimes gets noisy at night. My solution is ear plugs, which can be purchased relatively cheaply and in bulk online.

Sitting at the desk to type a review biases it, because J1b has one of the best views in college, directly across the paddock. This can mean though that during the day the sun is often in your eyes as you work (the room being South facing), although I have not found this to be a huge problem. In terms of being light at night, opening the wardrobe door to its fullest extent mitigates this.

As previous occupants have said, the storage is very good - a large wardrobe, a chest of draws and four large shelves. There is also a desk with draws (one lockable, but no sign of the key), a low coffee table, a small bedside table, two chairs and a fridge. The room is not large (with Hostel's high ceilings, it is actually taller than it is wide), but not really tiny either. The loo and gyp opposite and showers downstairs are also convenient.
2015Great room. The light is lovely and streams over the desk when you work, and there is a brilliant view of the paddock. The room doesn't have a sink but it doesn't make any real difference because the kitchen and bathroom are directly opposite the door. There is lots of storage space, a big enough wardrobe and drawers plus shelving space for all your books.

Heating is great and manual so can be switched on and off when needed.

Issues: the wall with 1a is thin... you get used to it though, headphones come in handy but it depends on your neighbour really.

It is a great room for a grade 3, just the right amount of space and you don't have to walk up all those stairs to get to your room. Kitchen facilities are fine too, with showers downstairs in the basement and laundry beneath you (which is really useful as you can get your laundry in first on a Monday morning before the hoards get there meaning a quick turn around).
2014Small but nice room with a lovely view of the paddock. Gets really nice light all day and has a big window. Toilet and gyp room (with hobs) directly opposite so not having a sink isn't a huge issue. Showers and baths are downstairs in the basement. Can be quite a loud room as can hear chatting in the corridor/ outside the window/ in 1a next door. Very decent storage, and not bad value for a grade 3.
2011Nice little room overlooking the paddock. Good storage (big wardrobe and drawers), good heating, no sink but right opposite the toilet and kitchen. Potential problems are: the wall with 1a is thin, which would be an issue if you had a noisy neighbour, and the light on the outside is by the window, making the room a bit light at night