J6 | Hostel

Grade: 5 Living Room: Yes Basin: Yes Network: Wired and Wireless CUDN Access: Yes Floor: Ground

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2014Really enjoy living in this room. Close to laundry (AND SHOWERS!), big and with high ceilings. Nice view, big windows. Essentially the same as all the other front facing sets, just a grade lower (and the same grade as the back-facing ones) because of the view I assume. Furniture is new and pretty decent, carpet and chairs could be less...brown... but apart from this very nice. Temperature control very good - there are nice hot pipes all the way along the skirting board on the front wall and a radiator, which I keep turned off because the pipes do so well.

Only disadvantage is that the view and privacy aren't as good as the floors above because that hedge at the back of the paddock hides the car park in front of hostel, which has plenty of people walking through it.

Hostel as a whole is brilliant, decent gyp room access and lovely bedders (this year at least) and have only had to wait once for a shower (total 5 showers and 5 toilets in the basement for the whole of H and J, and more toilets on other floors). Laundry is epic, and dropping it off on the way to the shower has the huge advantage of getting in there before anyone else in college, so it's often done before the end of the day!