New Court

New Court - N3

Grade: 8 Living Room: Yes Basin: En-Suite Network: Wired & Wireless CUDN Access: Yes Floor: First

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2011Really nice room, just like the rest of New Court really - living room, hall, bathroom, bedroom, popout weird kitchen thing.The fireplace isn't as nice as some other rooms and the bedroom's a slightly odd shape, but the decor and carpets etc are better than some, the kitchen and bathroom are good and the living rooms seems wider than most.Light's fine even in the middle of winter though you'll probs want to get a coupla extra lamps or similar. Heating's fine.View of New Court's nice. View out back might be a bit of an issue for some - there's a bus stop outside and although on the first floor, most of the buses are double decker so there are people outside your window most mornings. Can't hear them because the windows are good but they can see in when the curtains are open.
[2011] : Oh and you have to clear all of your stuff out each holidays which is annoying, but there are two biggish cupboards you can leave stuff in, plus college storage. Oh and the kitchen comes with a toaster, kettle, microwave, etc