New Court

New Court - N4

Grade: 8 Living Room: Yes Basin: En-Suite Network: Wired & Wireless CUDN Access: Yes Floor: First

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2013Standard first floor New Court room - as long as you don't mind missing out on cooking equipment probably the best 3rd year rooms available. Massive rooms with good facilities right next to hall. Only 6 a staircase (and some special rooms usually taken) so hard to get a massive group in, but in 3rd year everyone's in college and very easy for people to drop by after hall, which makes up for this very well!

Very spacious - living room is pretty much biggest room after Old Court, plus decent bedroom. Alcoves in living room and bedroom - no diagonal walls like some rooms. Kitchenette (in a little cupboard-room) has a sink, kettle, fridge, microwave (not combi-oven). En-suite has a shower, loo, sink. Very good wireless & wired internet connection.

Beige/white colour scheme which is pleasant but not particularly exciting, definitely worth filling up the space and giving it some character! Lovely bedder Angelica this year which is another plus if she stays around - absolutely fine with using white-tac etc.

Five chairs, a little table, a cupboard and desk in the living room.

You can get a bit of noise from the bedroom window - drunks some nights and buses in the morning, so if you're a very light sleeper you might think twice about it - its reasonably muted though and I've been absolutely fine.

Generally very nice, showers and radiators in good condition, can get them more than hot enough in winter. Pretty good sunlight through the day given its on the first floor.

Francois' office is in N1 (below N3) - so only 5 people on the staircase - but have had absolutely no problems with this - no complaints about noise etc.
2013You will also have to leave and empty your room outside of NPR unfortunately!