New Court

New Court - N6

Grade: 8 Living Room: Yes Basin: En-Suite Network: Wired & Wireless CUDN Access: Yes Floor: Second

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2009AMAZING!! It really is like a flat, and my friends call it the 'country cottage' because it still has the original grate in the fireplace - its one of only two New Court sets, the other being N5, that does. Being on the top floor the ceilings are slightly lower but I actually prefer this - it makes the room more snug. Walls are freshly decorated in cream and there's a new carpet. Having your own bathroom is incredible, the shower is pretty powerful. The bedroom window overlooks Savinos and the double glazing means minimal noise from the buses. Having your own little cupboard kitchen off the bedroom is fantastic too and the extractor fan stops the bedroom stinking of food when you cook. Honestly, you have everything you need in this room and could easily never leave!! Great for entertaining too as the living room has lots of chairs and a sofa and everyone will want to come round. Small downsides: the rent is just over �100 per week, but if like me you were low in the ballot in 2nd year and paid very low rent, it balances out this year. You also have to move all your stuff out of the room outside of NPR because rooms are used for guests, but this is a minor price to pay for the best room in college!