New Court

New Court - P6

Grade: 8 Living Room: Yes Basin: En-Suite Network: Wired & Wireless CUDN Access: Yes Floor: Second

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2016My room in New Court this year is very spacious and well situated within college, and it's been really nice to have a separate bedroom and living room.

However, it certainly has its downsides and I think when picking a room like this these are the most important to know about in order to balance this against the fact that this is an expensive room. Firstly, the windows are all single-glazed (and two of mine were broken during Term 1) so the rooms get very(!) cold.

It's nice to have a kitchenette, but if you want to cook then the facilities won't be good enough - my room just has a standard microwave, and I've never used the college-provided kettle and toaster because both look like they're past their best. Therefore, this is definitely more of a room for someone who frequents hall.

The space for hanging clothes is poor, but there is other storage space and shelves. I've been really lucky to have an en-suite for my second year, although the shower is pretty narrow and probably in need of refurbishment. Also, be aware that the bedrooms look right over the bus station, so it's not atypical to hear them throughout the night (as well as the sound of people coming back from clubs at 1am); and if you like it to be very quiet, that you are next to the Old Library where music practices and events are held that can be very noisy, and whilst that hasn't really bothered me, I can see how it may bug some people. It's also worth noting that I've had to spend a term with the constant sound of maintenance work being done, which is a possibility if you live here and they need to refurb parts of rooms.

Overall, I have liked living here and think I made a good choice, but you just have to be aware if picking the room that it's in a very old building so it often needs repair (the heating has stopped working before and I've had to have freezing cold showers during Winter) and is prone to maintenance problems.