North Court

North Court Q Staircase | 20

Grade: 4 Living Room: No Basin: No Network: Wired & Wireless CUDN Access: Yes Floor: Third

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20142013-14. I now live in Q20a. Due to the fact that a lot of North Court has been renovated, this room is quite a basic one. The room itself is really sweet and looks lovely when clean and decorated. The wardrobe is quite spacious and there's a secret storage cubby behind the bed. The gyp room is tiny and quite derelict, and the three loos/showers of Q staircase are shared with R residents. If you don't mind any of these things (or the 4 flights of stairs) then it's a really sweet room to live in.
2006A cute little room for a grade 2. On the top floor of Q. Has a (just about) walk in wardrobe and a fireplace. Nice big window, but not a great view - looking out over the back of subway/ sovinos/burger king. A bath on our floor, a shower the floor below. Decent amount of storage. Far away from buses, really has been very quiet really.

I pefer this room to my grade 3 one last year.