east court

11 - East Court

Grade: 5 Living Room: Yes Basin: Yes Network: Wired and Wireless CUDN Access: Yes Floor: Basement

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2014Two spacious rooms with a very good wifi connection and sink. I've liked living in this room, but it could do with more storage space and, being in the basement, there isn't much natural light. But, there are multiple bathrooms and kitchens nearby, and all the kitchens have hobs! There are three showers, one of them particularly nice, but the building is a bit like a rabbit warren. You get used to it though.
2013Great set of two rooms with a sink. A little bit annoying to have to go up a flight of stairs to go anywhere, whether it's to use a kitchen or visit your 'next-door' neighbour.

Road noise easily avoidable at night or for work by using the smaller room away from the road-side.

Ceilings higher than other basement rooms, and liveable in unless you are unusually tall.
2006This is a great, if little known, set of two rooms with sink and close access to kitchen and bathroom. Would recommend it to anyone, unless you're over 6ft (basement ceilings aren't very high).