front court

12 - Blantyre

Grade: 4 Living Room: No Basin: No Network: Wired and Wireless CUDN Access: Yes Floor: First

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2015Excellent room - bay windows provide a very nice view, with a lot of sunlight. Very big with a pretty fireplace and little sitting area next to the windows. Room can get a bit chilly, but it's not too bad. Close to several bathrooms [so the lack of a sink is not a problem at all] and right next to the bridge so close to good showers. Right next to a nice kitchen. Gets very little common room noise, but does get some level of road noise.
2014Very good sized room - higher grade than the equivalent nearby rooms (Grade 4 compared to grade 2), but much less noise from the common room (can barely hear it). In a very central part of the house, and near the kitchen and common room, but also close to the good showers. Room gets rather cold in winter due to the single glazing, so bring some extra blankets. Great view from the desk down Gresham Road, and lovely big windows for letting the light in. A very good room overall.
2010All the above comments are true, really nice room, lots of space (twice the size of a standard south court grade 3?) and the fireplace and bay windows are especially good to have. In a good part of the house, right next to the bridge so can get to all of the showers easily (so finding a free one has never been an issue) as well as the common room and the laundry. Also right next to one of the better kitchens. Not having a sink isnt that much of an issue and the wireless connection (and wired) is great in this room. Not that much noise from the street as it isnt a busy road and you can see up both Gresham and Glisson roads from the desk (in the bay window) which is good if you like distractions, otherwise you might want to rearrange the room a bit. No directly neighbouring rooms (ie not sharing any walls) and can't seem to hear anything from above/below. Honestly cant think of any cons.
2008This room is pretty large with a bay window that faces onto the street. You get a fair amount of noise coming from outside, but mostly just people talking rather than cars, as there isnt much traffic. It can get a little cold because the windows are not double glazed. There is a gorgeous fireplace and there are two bathrooms and a kitchen very close by. A very good choice of room.
2006Quite a big room on the first floor with a large bay window overlooking Gresham Road. There is no sink in the room but there are about 6 bathrooms/toilets close by. The gyp room next door has a hob (at the moment) and a microwave. Room 11 is opposite although there are no other rooms adjacent so I suppose it's in quite a quiet area of the house.