North Court

Cloisters 12

Grade: 8 Living Room: No Basin: En-Suite Network: Wired & Wireless CUDN Access: Yes Floor: First

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2016The room is a bit of an odd shape, it has a long thin part that sticks out where the desk is. I quite like that it gives me a separate study space but it does mean the room isn't as well lit naturally and it's a bit less social.

The view is of an office block but being in North court is quite handy for shops/buses etc.

It is very quiet here (you can't hear traffic) and, as it's tucked away in a corner, you don't get much noise from other students passing by (though this also means it's less social)

Internet and network reception is generally good and the kitchens are of a high quality. We have nice hobs and an extractor fan but sadly no combi-oven microwaves.

The en-suites are great with cupboards and a built in sink with a side. The showers are pretty good as well but the hot water seems to be a bit hit and miss at night.

Lots of plug sockets (10 or so) and wired internet connection as well as lots of shelving. Has a lockable cupboard to keep things in in between term time as everything else has to be taken out.

It's not a great social or party space but it's a nice place to live. The New Court Sets are the same grade and probably better value for money (much better option for the social side but sometimes noisy or older) but I'm very happy here, especially as I was quite low in the ballot.