front court

13 - Blantyre

Grade: 2 Living Room: No Basin: No Network: Wired and Wireless CUDN Access: Yes Floor: First

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2011I would definitely recommend this room. It's a good size and as others have said the storage space is plentiful. The bay window means lots of light and a great opportunity to people-watch, although it is easy to become distracted from work. Only a tiny bit of wall is shared with anybody, and there is an entirely pointless 1msquare entrance lobby (doubles as a changing room), which means noise levels are low. Probably one of the best rooms in Blantyre, even though others are higher grades. Only downsides are the distance to the showers and the lack of the sink, although the toilets are really close so the sink isn't really an issue. Blantyre is overall a great place to live, so definitely go for it if you can.
2010Sensual, just sensual - get this room! Probably amongst the best grade threes in college, previous comments about heating no longer apply, I found its pretty reliable and easily adjusted. Carpets aren't all that grotty either, all in all probably the best value room in Blantyre and a very nice place to pass a year (especially if you don't get out much).
2009the old comments are pretty accurate. is a pretty big room for a grade 3, its well set out with tons of storage space. the carpets fine and the bathrooms are really close by. the showers however are a little further away either downstairs in the back of the house or across the bridge in the other house.

would say the street noise isn't too bad and there is hardly any at night. though you can easily hear the bass from peoples music from downstairs and people stomping around upstairs - but you'd probably get that in any accomodation.

all in all a jolly nice room i thought.
2006N.B. I discovered on arrival that it isn't actually possible to see into the dance studio itself, but your lovely view down Gresham Road means a never-ending supply of leotard-clad totty walking down the street on their way to ballet.

The room is light, big and airy, though two exterior walls and said big bay window means it can sometimes get a bit chilly, especially given the tempramental nature of Blantyre's heating system. Masses of storage space with two wardrobes, one of which includes an ancient and interesting-looking book case (yet to be investigated). Walls and carpets in reasonable/grotty condition. It's also on the other side of the house from the housekeeper, meaning your illicit '+8 in a room shocka' gatherings stand a slightly higher chance of going undetected.

It's a good room and probably one of (if not the) best on this side of the house.