east court

13 - East Court

Grade: 3 Living Room: No Basin: No Network: Wired and Wireless CUDN Access: Yes Floor: Ground

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2015A comfortable room — much more homely than my Old South Court room last year. It has a (closed-off) fireplace, good shelving and storage. The gyp room opposite has two hobs (a nice surprise!) and the toilet is next to the gyp room. The lack of a sink is no great drawback. The room is also a good shape for having people over. The downsides are that controlling the temperature is virtually impossible—you have a radiator control, but heat seems to get in some other way. I've often had to open the window, which leaves you with loud street noise until about 1 a.m. With the window fully closed, it's quiet, but can get very warm. You can get used to the noise, to an extent.

The biggest drawback of this room, though, is the lack of light. The window is northeast-facing, fairly small, and covered by a semitransparent privacy curtain. You can move the curtain, but it doesn't make much difference: this room is dark. In Michaelmas I got about two hours a day of usable light. The ceiling lamp is powerful enough to see clearly by (and a good warm colour compared to most fluorescents), but I find I really need to get outside (or just to a lighter room) every day to avoid darkness-induced misery.


— Very nice room

— Traffic noise is annoying

— Lack of light is depressing

— Very happy with it for a grade 3
2015The fridge is on the small side. It's fine if you're good at tetris and don't want to put anything large in it; otherwise, it's limiting.
2014A very nice little room with a small wardrobe, picture rail and lovely mantlepiece. The room seems to get very hot and I haven't ever had to turn the radiator on but the downside of opening the window to cool it down is the noise from the buses. Handy with the gyp and toilet opposite.