North Court

Cloisters 15

Grade: 7 Living Room: No Basin: En-Suite Network: Wired & Wireless CUDN Access: Yes Floor: First

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2014I will have to disagree with the person from 2011. I lived in Q16, a room with windows within about 10 metres of cl15, in 2011-2012 and yes there was a fair amount of noise from the workshop for the renovations as well as the alarms on the building opposite. However this year, 2013-2014, I am yet to hear them at all.

However I will agree with the room being a little smaller than it's grade would lead on, however I would hardly call it small at all, you have a large wardrobe, chest of draws, good amount of shelf space and the ensuite, which is the main reason the room is small.

You will be woken up by staff arriving in the morning if you leave your window open at night, but that isn't a huge issue really, and you can't hear anything with the windows shut thanks to it being a new room.

So overall in my opinion I am very happy to have lived here, and yes it is a grade 7, but when it comes down to it, that isn't much more money than a grade 5 or 6 so definitely worth it.
2011I would seriously discourage people from choosing this room, or to my knowledge any of the other new north court cloisters rooms. There seems to be a maintenance department directly below the rooms which means more often than not either your sleep or work is disturbed by loud drilling and sawing which manages to vibrate through the walls as if the drilling is in the room (I'm having to put my fingers in my ears between typing this it's so loud)!

Other disadvantages are that the rooms aren't very big, the hot water goes off somewhere between 10pm-12, the ones on this side look out over a car park so leaving your window open at night inevitably ends up with you being woken up at 6am by people coming or going and obviously it's not a particularly nice view, and the rooms are quite dark during the day so if you're working during the day you generally have to switch the desk lamp on to see properly.

There are some advantages, there's a lovely kitchen with a hob which can be great for being sociable, the attached bathroom is nice and there's a huge storage cupboard. In my personal opinion having lived here for a year the advantages really do not outweigh the disadvantages, especially for being the most expensive rooms in college.