North Court

Cloisters 16

Grade: 8 Living Room: No Basin: En-Suite Network: Wired & Wireless CUDN Access: Yes Floor: First

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2016Very large room, lots of space, generally pleasant. Light not too bad but view unideal (as stated above, it's a carpark with what I think ? is an office block opposite). Cloisters space quite isolated from college because it's in a corner of North Court, and 16 is right at the end of the corridor. Good because quiet space to chill/work, but unless you move here with friends it will be a trek to get to a place where it feels like something is happening. On the other hand - well-situated in college, well-situated by town, good room (one of the least over-priced because of size), access to a good kitchen (with a table, shock/horror).
2010Bigger than the other new cloisters rooms. Faces onto the staff car park so the view isn't so good.