front court

17 - Blantyre

Grade: 2 Living Room: No Basin: Yes Network: Wired and Wireless CUDN Access: Yes Floor: First

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2016This room is in its own cosy little corridoor, but close enough to the common room to be a social space. Though small, it comes with a sink, a deceptively large wardrobe and three shelves.

The soundproofing is not fantastic, but I was lucky with my neighbours. It is a nice working space and has a warm feel, a good choice for a grade 2.
2012This room is on the first floor in a more modern extension, behind the older houses. The common-room is just downstairs, which is good, but the doors can easily block out the sound if essays beckon. The window faces south-west, so for much of the day the sun makes the room light, but also very warm. In fact, the room heats up very easily in general for a reason which is persistently elusive: I have had the window open even in winter. The sink is a point in the room’s favour, despite the hot tap’s frequent seven- or eight- minute long refusals to dispense hot water (a problem in the whole extension). As has been mentioned, the wall on one side is thin enough to hear coughs, music and reactions to Middlesbrough matches, so some mutual sensitivity is required between neighbours. There is a sizeable wardrobe. The internet connection has recently been vastly improved (it is now on the College network). It is slightly larger than room no. 16 next door, but not as large as no. 15, and has not really enough space to entertain many guests. The various disadvantages are not catastrophic, however; this room is cosy and economical and I have been happy.
2009Not a huge room but fine for it's price, relatively warm but not boiling hot. Gets a reasonable amount of light, which has suited my plant nicely.

You can hear everything that's happening in room 16. If you live here, make sure you are good friends with your neighbour and be considerate so you stay that way. The walls really are that thin, we have conversations through them. Blantyre has many baths and three showers, which is a little bizzarre, but the kitchens are in general very good and the co-op is quite handy.
2008The room is reasonably sized. It has a sink which is a bonus. The shower nearby is absolutely freezing. And the walls between 15/16 and 17 are really thin. If you are friendly with them it'll probably work out ok... otherwise you might want to invest an amp or some large speakers. That's what I did. The door to the rooom closes annoyingly slowly and during the day light comes in from the one window all day long. You might think this would be good... but it is too bright really and you have draw the curtains. The desk is very large and features wings, and the storage space is adequate. The internet in Blantyre is poor. Wireless and wired are provided but they are very variable in terms of being on. Blantyre is an 11 minute walk from college. Cooking facilities are limited.