front court

18 - Blantyre

Grade: 1 Living Room: No Basin: No Network: Wired and Wireless CUDN Access: Yes Floor: First

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2016These Attic rooms are actually really great value for money and a lot more cosy than other rooms. They don't have a sink which is a downside, but otherwise the room is lovely, very easy to personalise and I actually like the sloping ceiling bit - gives it a bit of character.

Definitely bring extra lamps though - the central light-bulb is a bit limited.
2015The attics rooms are huge for grade ones, they have more floor space than some grade threes in college but the space you can use/stand up in gets smaller depending on how tall you are, thanks to the sloping roof, but I'm 5'10" and it hasn't been too bad. For all the annoyance of the slope it adds character to the room and feels a lot less generic than your standard south court room.

There is lots of storage space too, also, definitely bring a spare lamp/light it can get pretty dingy if you don't.
201318 is a lovely attic room (though maybe not good for tall people!) Grade one so no sink, but bathrooms and kitchen just downstairs, so its not inconvenient at all! Plenty of space and lots of shelf/ cupboard storage space :) Can get slightly dark so an extra light is nice! But apart from that a great room and you can really make it your own :D See room 21 for more photos as all attic rooms are the same shape/size.