North Court

Cloisters 19

Grade: 19 Living Room: No Basin: En-Suite Network: Wired & Wireless CUDN Access: Yes Floor: Second

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2015I would have described the room more as a lightning bolt shape than an "interesting L-shape". The room is really light and airy, with plenty of storage space. I've not experienced any problems with the radiator, the room is always warm. The shower is good and there is plenty of hot water, and I haven't had it block, though the flush on the toilets are a little dodgy I have found. All in all, a really nice room! I will say that there is a beep in NC which is odd at first, but within a week I'd stopped noticing it, and you can barely hear it in your room if the door is shut.
2010Room is in an interesting L-shape, which I liked, because I think it makes the room *look* bigger than others in the block, but a lot of visiting friends didn't seem too keen. Common problems plaguing all these new cloisters rooms include showers becoming blocked quite easily and the radiator only gets a bit warm in winter even at maximum setting. Overall though, I did like the room quite a lot.