front court

2 - Blantyre

Grade: 2 Living Room: No Basin: No Network: Wired and Wireless CUDN Access: Yes Floor: Ground

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2015It's really big, especially for a grade 2, and has a near-private kitchen and bathroom. I've never really had any problems with noise from the common room or road, although you don't have much privacy and it gets a bit cold in winter. Overall I think it's one of the better rooms in Blantyre.
2014It's right on the main road so you never ever ever have any privacy and it's really really noisy; especially because it's right near the common room too. The windows are very drafty and it can get quite cold; but that's like all the old rooms in college.

Apart from that it's a great room - very big and light, lots of storage space, massive desk etc
2006Room 2 is amongst a group of three rooms around a kitchen and bathroom. It is a good-sized grade 3 although it faces pretty much straight down Gresham Road so not one to go for if you value privacy.