front court

20 - Blantyre

Grade: 1 Living Room: No Basin: No Network: Wired and Wireless CUDN Access: Yes Floor: Second

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2016I have much of the same things to say as the comments below. Blantyre is a lovely place to live and has definitely helped me both work harder in the day as I stay in college and relax more in the evening. All of the attic gets a little hot sometimes so a small fan can be usefull. In addition it can be dark. The best light in the room by far is the desk lamp. If you bring a lamp and a fan though it is a truly great room. It's quiet enough to work when other people are having pres but also you can just go downstairs and find someone to talk to in the common room. I would thoroughly recommend taking all 4 attic rooms as a balloting group as it creates a lovely tiny community. You should probably be able to cycle so it doesn't even feel that far from college. It takes about 5 minutes to get to college and 12 to get to the sidgwick site. There are 2 shops nearby and both serve alcohol until 11 unlike little sainsbury's.
2014Firstly, Blantyre is a really nice place to live, especially if you have a good group of friends - a really nice atmosphere, and great to get out of the bubble (college/inner Cambridge). The common room is a real plus too. 10 minute walk to college, but I didn't mind that at all.

Room 20 is VERY spacious for a grade ome! Great wardrobe space, a good sized desk, a comfy bed and never cold.

The only downside - internet isn't amazing... sometimes a bit slow/doesn't work as brilliantly as it should (but that may just be me), you have to go downstairs for toilets/showers/kitchens, no sink in room... BUT as it is a grade 1, reasonably quiet and a very nice layout, I could say a lot more positives than negatives. I much prefer this room to my grade 4 in north court last year!

Again, as is mentioned, be careful if you are tall. I am 5'5" so no real problem, but I can imagine the sloping ceilings would be a problem for someone much taller.

I really recommend this room and will be sad to leave it. Make sure you visit Blantyre, and go up to the very top and check this room out.
2014grade one*... Also, I would recommend bringing a lamp for the room as the lighting isn't amazing!
2013This is an awesome room- so much space for a grade 1 (used to be a grade 2), lots of corners (who wants a square room?), really useful floor length mirror right outside in the hall! The attic rooms are all essentially the same, so the above goes for any of them.
2012It's a lovely room. The main pro for this room is being in Blantyre. If you're low in the ballot this is an excellent room if you're desperate for Blantyre. The biggest con is the lack of running water in the attic. It's worth it for a low grade room in a lovely accommodation block though.
2010Whilst this room is quite small, it's bizarre L-shape means there's actually quite a lot of space to store all your things, especially with a large chest of drawers and a fitted wardrobe.

You have to go downstairs for kitchens, showers and toilets, which might be a consideration for some (though i have no problem with it)

The ceilings slope, and though I do have to duck my head occasionally (I am 6'4") I have only actually hit my head a few times.

Major pros of this room are, firstly, its in Blantyre House, which can become a really good community if lots of friends fill out the rooms (the common room is a major plus). Also, it's South facing which means its never too cold, and it's really cool being in the four attic rooms if you fill them out with your ballot group...

All in all, I way prefer this to my Grade 5 South Court room of last year, but it's one you should definitely come and have a look at and see if you'd get on with it...
2006Attic room. Small with sloping ceilings, so maybe avoid if taller then about 6 foot. Otherwise fine, newly decorated, quiet, nice view. Gets a bit too warm sometimes.

Blantyre is an awesome house. It's all been newly decorated, theres a common room, good kitchens with hobs and a laundry.