front court

22 - Blantyre

Grade: 6 Living Room: No Basin: No Network: Wired and Wireless CUDN Access: Yes Floor: Ground

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2017Phenomenal room. Marble fire place, large well lit desk next to bay window. Ample wall space, windows open wide enough to hop out into garden. Comes with cat - name Seymour. Leave your window open and he will come in, buy him cat treats and he will be your friend (he likes Dreamies, £1 in Sains). Also comes with fancy rug (see pics).

Toilet ~2m from room, rarely in use. Two showers ~5m from room, never both in use (essentially only shared with 23 & 24). Large gyp ~ 10m from room, washing machine ~8m from. Good storage, comes with two small tables, 3 chairs and a desk chair. Ample shelving. No sink. Nice high ceiling, sufficiently warm in winter.

Down sides: Next to house keeper but I've never had an issue, two doors so don't forget to lock both if you care about security (tough life eh), grade 6 is a pain but I think worth it.
2016Huge room. Stunning bay window. Formerly the dining room of the house, complete with decorative door. Surprisingly very warm in Winter for such a big room (three radiators!). Best thing about the room is it's location. It has two doors, one leading onto the corridor, the other leads into the area with a kitchen, two showers, two toilets and the washing machine room. It's like a mini-flat. Good internet.

Palatial room. Good location in house. Stunning bay window with desk, and high ceiling.
2012A lovely big room on the right-hand side of the house, that has a large bay window looking out over the garden, so it is very light, especially in the morning. Blantyre is now connected to the University data network (as of January 2012), and although people in the other side of the house seem to have problems with it, I haven't in this room, which means data speeds are fast, and comparable to rooms in college. There is a fairly big kitchen that is shared between rooms 22, 23 and 24, and has two hobs and a microwave. The room is next to the housekeeper, which is fine (except if you don't like hearing dogs barking late at night). There's less storage space than some of the smaller rooms in Blantyre (i.e. room 23), but it's fine because the room is so huge.
2010This room is perfect. It's absolutely massive (apparently the largest room outside of college), has a really big bay window and a marble fireplace. It has two doors, one leading to the porch area of Blantyre and the other leading to the bathrooms and toilets etc.

It is a really great part of the house: next to two really good showers, a toilet so close to your room it's basically en-suite, the laundry and a kitchen that is shared with 23 and 24.

Despite the size of the room, it stays really warm in the winter.

I guess the only disadvantages of this room is that the wired internet doesn't really work (the wireless signal is really strong though, so this doesn't really matter) and because it's next to the housekeeper, you can't really have big parties in here. She's pretty reasonable though, so I wouldn't let that put you off!
2008I love this room, its huge, well lit and right next door to bathrooms and showes so the absence of sink is no problem. It is also right next door to the Housekeeper, but as long as you're fairly considerate you shouldn't have any problems.