east court

22 - East Court

Grade: 4 Living Room: No Basin: No Network: Wired and Wireless CUDN Access: Yes Floor: First

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2016Agree with the previous comment. Only thing I would add is that the storage space in this room is VERY limited - you have one sub-optimally designed built-in wardrobe, a couple of shelves above the desk, 3 small drawers built into the desk, and one small drawer in the bedside table. This room probably has the least storage of all the new east court rooms.

Also I don't think it quite deserves its grade 5 status at all - there are other rooms in new east which are bigger, have their own basins, and have more storage room and seats, which are grade 4s - there's even a grade 3 which has its own basin, and a balcony, and more storage room and floor space!!!
2016Can't hear much noise from the road as the room is on the college side of east court.

Can see a bit of Parker's piece out the window.

Window seat with radiator underneath is nice for sitting and reading in.

No basin is not a problem.

Modern kitchen with Hobbs though they are a bit slow to heat up.

Modern room, nicely decorated.

Good size desk, shelves near desk.

Large closet with shelves.

Little round coffee table :)