front court

25 - Blantyre

Grade: 2 Living Room: No Basin: Yes Network: Wired and Wireless CUDN Access: Yes Floor: First

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2015This is a lovely room! I haven't found a problem with noise (except for use of the shower in the mornings) as the windows can be locked so that they don't rattle. The heating is fine - I find it almost too warm with the radiator at times so turn it down! It has a lovely fireplace and 2 chairs (one being a desk chair). The layout of the room is really nice and usable. Can be a bit isolated if you don't keep the door open (as your neighbours are the toilets) but if you have friends living around you then it is really nice! There are lovely views outside and the window opens very wide which is lovely! A genuinely lovely room that I would recommend to anyone!
2010Agree with 2006's comments in general. Decent sized room, very clean and recently redecorated, with a sink. Very handy being so close to the bathroom, shower and kitchen, and I personally have never had any trouble with noise. Nice view of the gardens and bike sheds from your desk.
2006Lovely big room, with a sink (big plus), a fireplace (not useable, unfortunately) and a mantlepiece. Recarpeted and painted at Christmas. Lots of shelves and storage space. High ceilings. Can be very cold in winter - just work out how to use the radiator. Not double-glazed: the windows rattle when it's windy, but not a big deal because it faces onto the back garden.

Beside two bathrooms and a kitchen - can be a little noisy but also never a big deal - and quick access to the facilities.