front court

32a - Blantyre

Grade: 4 Living Room: Shared Basin: Yes Network: Wired and Wireless CUDN Access: Yes Floor: First

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2016It's a very pokey room, but the living room, with it's chairs and extra cupboard, makes up for it - so be sure that you're sharing it with a good friend. There's good shelving and wardrobe space, though the desk could be bigger. A downside is that the room is North-facing, so the natural light comes in mostly in the last hour of daylight.

Living in Blantyre does mean getting used to slightly longer journeys to lectures (/supos/Hall/library/Cindies) or just being 5 min late to everything. Apart from that, it's a lovely place to live - very homely. The common room is fab (with a TV!), there a loads of kitchens and the distance from Hall means that many people share cooking, and there are loads of baths. Clean, nice baths.
2010Really good set of rooms. Bedroom for 32A is quite small, but not horrifically so given the presence of a good sized lounge. Was chilly over winter, but that seems to have been a problem with the central heating that is now fixed. New hot plate in kitchen is great, and there are microwaves and combi-ovens aplenty. Whole house is lovely and clean - especially the bathrooms, even a bath worth using!
2006The room itself is a bit of a cupboard but as long as you like the person in 32B the living room provides ample space for any cat swinging you may wish to indulge in. Both rooms and the living room have been decorated this year (2007). Room has big window and built-in wardrobe, small desk, chest of drawers, and shelf space. Bring a lamp for the living room and wear lots of socks as it gets a tad chilly. Blantyre itself is a fantastic place to live provided you know and like the other residents. Only place in college with a common room/dining room/tv room. Hobs aplenty at the time of writing.