front court

A5 | 4 - Front Court

Grade: 3 Living Room: No Basin: Yes Network: Wired and Wireless CUDN Access: Yes Floor: Second

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2015This is a fantastic little room for its money. Prime location is very handy, and benefits from the inward facing window in terms of road noise. Massive wardrobe really is a benefit. Toilets and shower all in good working order. See all the other benefits in the previous comments.

Minor gripes are:

- Single window means limited natural light during over the day

- Can hear noise from hall and musical events in the Old Library (never been a problem though)

- Can be relatively isolated if you don't know others in the 4 room flat

- Quite a lot of stairs on the way up (only an issue if suffering from mobility problems)

- Do get some tourists accidentally walking up the stairs (but there is a lockable door into the flat to prevent this.)

Despite these very small things, this is a brilliant room, particularly when avoiding the distractions that can come from a large staircase.
2014This room is a good size for a grdae 3. The staircase has 4 rooms, a very very very small gyp room and 2 toilets and a shower.

It's a great room and very convenient for hall and he plodge.

This room is the only room that doesn't look onto John Lewis and looks onto New Court instead. This makes it a lot quieter!

This rooms main advantage is it's HUGE WARDROBE! The best selling feature for sure!
2010Lovely flat type arrangement up here, four people sharing, quite nice if you can find three friends. Gyp room is quite small with just a microwave. Shower has been largely cold all year, but is now apparently fixed, I'm not convinced and am continuing to use other ones. Ridiculously convenient for lectures, post room, hall and freepos machine.

Window only lets in light in the morning- thus all my plants have died.

Lots of storage space- the wardrobe is huge. In fact I'm fairly sure several people could fit inside it.

You can also hear the cries of "SPEEECH!" after formal hall, which can be genuinely entertaining.