east court

6 - East Court

Grade: 2 Living Room: No Basin: No Network: Wired and Wireless CUDN Access: Yes Floor: Basement

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2015This room as grown on me.

It is below sea level I believe meaning that there is very little natural light coming through the window (which only opens several inches meaning ventilation is not the best). It's a good size for a grade two and actually one of the bigger rooms in East Court. It has a bookshelf, wardrobe, desk, chest of drawers and a mantelpiece so you are well equipped! If the heating is on its like a sauna, if its not its freezing.

The room is very near to a toilet and the showers and also next door to a kitchen with a microwave and hobbs which is very sociable. It is also right next to the entrance to the building.

The ceilings are low, however, and I have frequently rammed by skull against the doorframe. The staircase down to the room is very narrow as well. Common to all the East Court rooms is the "VERY talkative" bedder (to quote the tactful 2012 comment on this room) which is more of an issue to this room because of its close proximity to the kitchen.

It is cheap and you get what you pay for but I am content.