front court

7 - Blantyre

Grade: 1 Living Room: No Basin: Yes Network: Wired and Wireless CUDN Access: Yes Floor: Ground

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2014I have come to really like this room - yes it is very small (the photo of the room where you can see the window was taken standing outside the door!) but it is nice and light, has a sink, good storage (shelves, a large cupboard and a cupboard under sink) and is really close to a toilet, a shower and the kitchen which has hot plates and a combi oven. Also very close to the common room with sofas and a TV which is great for socialising, and almost makes up for the fact that the room is so small, but there is a fire door on the way which means you never hear noise from the common room.

The walls are really thin which means you can hear pretty much everything which happens in the rooms either side though (6 and 8), but as long as you like the people you're living with it's fine! Really good wireless and wired connection, and the heating is great - when you turn the radiator up or down it actually changes the temperature of the room appropriately! Astounding.

There's a nice view out to the garden as well (shown in a picture) so you can watch squirrels/cats/people getting their bikes all day long. The room is pretty much identical to 6 and 8, and the same layout as 4 and 5 which face a wall and not the garden. I got this from being pretty close to the bottom of the ballot, but I think you can do much worse for a grade 2.
2006Well, it's got a really nice view over the garden. Apart from that, the rooms not great- v small- 3 paces wide by 5 long- so no room to swing a cat once bed, desk, wardrobe, fridge & sink thrown in.

Luckily, you don't have to spend all your time in there- Blantyre's got a common dining room & a tv room (with a tv and evreything), as well as probably some of the best kitchen facilities you'll get- combi-oven and hobs. So to stop claustrophobia setting in, get a group of you to live here & use the communal areas lots.

There's also a laundry and housekeeper thrown in- one very useful, the other needs to be handled with care.