North Court

North Court T Staircase | 1

Grade: 4 Living Room: No Basin: No Network: Wireless CUDN Access: Yes Floor: Ground

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2015Overall, I'd really reccomend this room. It's in a convenient place, large and has an good view of North Court. The gyp room provides a good communal space for the corridor and is fitted out with hobs and a microwave/combi oven - these are popular, so sometimes you have to queue for them. There are two showers between seven, and three loos.

Pros: Great view of North Court (esp. when sitting at the desk).

Spacious, quite a lot of storage (walk in wardrobe as on the rest of T, lockable cupboard above it, dresser with plenty of shelf space, chest of drawers).

Seating: Two armchairs and an office chair, as well as the windowsill/bench.

Refurbished as of Lent 2015, so all of the fixtures and fittings in the gyp rooms and bathrooms are new.

Cons: Noise from the staircase can be a little annoying at night, as this room is right next to the stairs, but closing the doors which link T01 & T02 to the rest of the staircase ameliorates this.

No basin, but there is a loo just next door, so there is no real distance to go to get water.

Key-card operated electrics, so people get locked out relatively often. NB: the single plug at the desk and the single plug to the right of it are not governed by the key card, and so can be used for a computer charger and the fridge.

Only one gyp room on the ground floor, whereas the upper floors on T have two.

The fireplace grate whistles, but if you cover it using a piece of A4 paper (held onto the metal with a small amount of blu-tack/sellotape) then the air-flow is blocked and the noise stops. This is a common problem on T.